Cave Lakes
Cave Lakes Canyon - Utah
Two Caves

The Caves

The sandstone formations of this terrain have been eroded by one hundred and ten springs that have formed dozens of caves along circuitous route of the winding canyon. Some of the the caves such as "Dellenbaugh's Cave " were formed by springs of fresh water coming from underground or from ancient water soaking through the sandstone.

The name of Cave Lakes Canyon comes from Frederick Samuel Dellenbaugh, an important member of .the Colorado River Expedition led by Major John Wesley Powell in the 1800's.

Cave Lakes Canyon

Dellenbaugh took a picture of this cave and also engraved his signature on the cave's wall, marking their discovery on January 25 1873. see History Dellenbaugh later put a picture of the canyon in his book, “The Romance of the Colorado River" with the mention: "A cave lake in a sandstone cliff canyon near Kanab, South Utah".

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